ArchiveBytes 1.0 Architecture Overview

ArchiveBytes 1.0 Operational Instructions

  1. Perform each step for each archive repository.
    1. Create archive repository lock file in the archive repository folder.
    2. Delete oldest archive repository entry.
    3. Shuffle archive repository entries by renaming or moving each archive repository entry to be age +1.
    4. Create new archive repository entry for new archiving with age 0.
    5. Create archive repository entry lock file in the first archiving repository entry.
  2. Copy data to be archived to the temporary archive repository's first archive slot
  3. Copy temporary archive repository's first archive slot the rest of the archive repositories
  4. Verify archive in each repository
  5. Delete archive repository slot lock file
  6. Delete archive repository lock file

If supporting more than one repository it is best to have a temporary repository on the local system to build the archive and then copy to the rest of the repositories.

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